Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels

Time To Remodel

Is your tired old kitchen poorly designed, making it difficult and frustrating to organize and prepare food efficiently? Have you been “making do” for years with a poorly-ventilated bathroom that is barely big enough for you to turn around in? You are definitely not alone! Kitchen and bathroom remodels are among our most often-requested types of interior services. These two rooms are the most popular targets for remodeling due to their impressive potential for investment return, as well as the dramatic improvement they can make to your enjoyment of everyday life in your home.


As with any home improvement project, we fully understand how confusing and overwhelming it can seem to confidently make so many important choices and decisions without professional guidance. This is where our friendly approach and extensive remodeling experience will really be a huge benefit. First, we will take the time to listen carefully to your ideas for how to best improve your kitchen and/or bathroom(s), and then we’ll enhance and perfect your ideas by applying our knowledge of the best techniques, materials and design options. Together, we’ll continue to fine-tune all the details until we’ve got a solid plan that will have you eager for us to get started.

Get A Quote

At STM Contracting, we make bathroom and kitchen remodels easy, including the very first step of getting a quote. Call 609-477-2568 now, or email, and be sure to also ask about our time-limited Roofing and Siding Fall Specials.  We’ll respond promptly with all the information you need.

Maximum Efficiency

As these rooms are usually also two of the busiest areas in any home, we also know how important it is to complete improvements as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing the disruption and inconvenience to you and your family. The team at STM Contracting has well-established practices for maintaining a safe and clean work area throughout every phase of a project, and for completing each step in the most logical order to maximize efficiency.

When it’s time to remodel and improve the kitchen and bathroom areas in your home, these are all excellent reasons why you owe it to yourself to find out how STM Contracting can give you every advantage, working closely with you from start to finish to ensure your absolute satisfaction with your beautiful new space.