Attached & Detached Garages

Solidly-constructed Garages


You don’t need to be a car buff to appreciate the benefits of a solidly-constructed garage. Whether detached on your property, or attached directly to your home, a garage can make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable for you and your family members.


Each option has its own list of benefits and considerations. Sometimes the shape of your lot or the position of your house on the lot will dictate the type of garage you should choose. On a narrow lot, a detached garage positioned towards the rear of the property might be the best (and only) choice. If you’ve got plenty of room, a garage attached to your home might be the best way to preserve yard space for children, pets and general enjoyment.
Also consider your reasons for wanting the garage. Is it to serve mainly as a place for storing, accessing and protecting your vehicle(s) from inclement weather? In this case you most likely want a garage that will be attached to, and can be accessed directly from, your home. If you are thinking of more of a workshop or “man cave” garage design, it’s likely that other factors such as available space, privacy and noise levels should all take equal precedence in your decision.


For a quote or more information about taking your home one step closer to perfection by adding an attached or detached garage, or other type of home addition, please call 609-477-2568 or send an email to our team at We look forward to hearing from you and will reply as soon as we can with the information you need, and a quote!

As you can see, even though adding a garage or other room to your home may not in and of itself be a huge undertaking, the key here is in advance planning to make sure that, once completed, your new garage or other type of home addition will blend beautifully with your home’s exterior and be capable of fulfilling every purpose that you have in mind for it.

STM Contracting can give you all the help you need to make sure that no detail will be overlooked during the all-important planning phase, maximizing the likelihood that you will be completely satisfied with every aspect of your garage or other home addition, whether or not you’re the type who considers your cars to be part of the family.