Additions & Finished Basements

There was a time, not all that long ago, when basements were used mainly for storage, staying true to their “root cellar” roots. Any effort to make the space more comfortable and attractive usually consisted of nailing some paneling onto a rough framework of two-by-fours, and perhaps slapping up some ceiling panels and fluorescent light fixtures overhead. It was a fine place for the kids to hang out, but the basement was not widely considered to be a viable area for improvements to enhance everyday family living.


Thankfully today, attitudes have changed. Most homeowners now are fully aware of the numerous benefits to be enjoyed by making an investment in their home’s underground space.


Don’t wait another day to find out how STM Contracting can help you design and build the addition or finished basement you’ve always dreamed of. Just call 609-477-2568 or send an email to with a few details about your plans, so that one of our team members can provide a quote and more information

The majority of basement remodels will include some form of family or media room, home office or guest room, providing much-needed extra space for family and guests to work, rest or play. Improved construction techniques and materials mean that today, the design and finishing options for optimizing your basement are nearly limitless, and can be completely customized to perfectly suit your requirements.

In the course of a basement remodel, the application of new energy-saving materials and building techniques such as air sealing and suitable insulation will more often than not be a vast improvement over what was there to begin with. Besides gaining a beautiful new space and extra functionality for your home, you will also likely enjoy dramatic energy savings while you continue to live there, as well as potentially a much greater return on your investment when it finally is time to sell.

STM Contracting has all the knowledge and expertise to help you design the basement you deserve. Browse our gallery to see some images of the beautiful basements we’ve finished for many of our satisfied customers, and then get in touch with us to see how we can also help you to transform your basement space into an attractive, functional and cozy area that you and your family will undoubtedly enjoy to the fullest.