3 Ways to Accommodate More Function in Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your kitchen should be the heart of your home. Yet, how can it be when it’s outdated, unfunctional and in poor working condition? It can be challenging to entertain guests when your appliances are old, or space is limited. While kitchen remodeling can be expensive, there are ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are three ways to create a fresh new look in your home with the help of a licensed contractor.

1. Paint Existing Cabinetry

Many times your existing cabinetry may need a facelift to seem new. Replacing them can be expensive, but if your cabinets are still in good working condition, applying a fresh coat of paint in a bright color can bring them back to life. You may even be able to add additional cabinets at a lower cost and still create a better functioning area. Adding new stone countertops is another way to update your kitchen without having to come up with a ton of cash.

2. Replace Flooring

While some flooring can be more expensive, there are affordable options available for kitchen remodeling. If you choose something at the lower end of your budget, it may be wise to replace all the surrounding flooring at the same time. By updating everything at once, you can create a better look and flow within your home. Tile, laminate, or vinyl products are perfect solutions for most kitchens since they are often scratch or water-resistant.

3. Open up Closed off Walls

Older homes are generally closed off or built with smaller compartments. Kitchen remodeling can be successful by tearing down unnecessary walls. This is one way to create an open floorplan and better function for your home. A more open space is perfect for entertaining or hosting dinner parties. However, using a contractor is essential when undergoing this project. They will know what walls may be loadbearing and, if necessary, can contact an engineer for further recommendations.