Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

The weather plays havoc with your roof, so every few decades you will need to replace it. If it is damaged by hail or begins to leak, you may have to replace it early. However, roof replacement is not something you should do yourself. Therefore, these are tips for finding a great roofing contractor.

What Services Do They Provide?

Most roof replacement companies will remove old shingles, inspect your decking and flashing. If they find damage to your decking or other roof materials, they should replace it. Then, they will reinstall flashing, drip edge and shingles as needed.

What Supplies Do They Use?

Your roofer should install the latest shingle or location-based roofing materials, such as concrete tile in Florida or architectural shingles in Wyoming. The materials should be high quality, warrantied and able to stand up to the weather in your area. High-quality flashing and drip edge should also be provided.

What Help Will They Bring?

Most reputable roofing companies will arrive at your job site with several experienced workers. These individuals understand the roofing process, what damages to look for and how to work around your roof obstructions, such as your chimney. A few high-quality workers is always better than many workers who don’t know what they are doing. Therefore, ask about the company’s staff before hiring them.

What Kind of Reputation Do They Have?

Look for a roofer that is known for being on time and providing high-quality service. They also should complete the job when they say they will. This can cost you money if you have to take time off work. However, you also don’t want workers who will take days off or rush through your installation.

Also, does the company guarantee its work? Do the workers clean up the discarded shingles and make sure the lawn is free of debris? In addition, learn whether they will have a final customer service survey.

A high-quality, reputable roofing company will complete your roof replacement using high-quality materials and experienced workers. The work will be guaranteed and done in a timely manner.