Plan On Finishing Your Basements? Use These Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space

Finishing your basement can be one of the best ways to add livable square footage to your home, increase its value and create space in which you and your loved ones can make memories for years to come. Depending on its size, a finished basement has the potential to be and do a lot of things. While not necessarily a bad thing, the virtually unlimited number of options can make it difficult to narrow down just for what, exactly, you want to use the space. If the only thing holding you back from beginning your basement remodeling project is a lack of ideas — or the sheer number of them — use the following ideas as inspiration.

Create a Game Room

Have your kids always wanted a pool table but you’ve just never had the space? Does your spouse want an oversize television on which to watch all the games? Do you wish you had a game table that you could just hide away until you can pick back up where you left in Monopoly? If so, a basement game room can let you appeal to everyone without having to sacrifice your main floor’s style or cleanliness. With a finished-basement-turned-game room, you can finally enjoy family time instead of worrying about the messes that are sure to be made.

Add a Bar

For those nights when you have company over, your game room can be less of a teen hangout and more of an adult gathering space simply by adding a bar along a far wall. Use the oversized television to play some tunes, pour a few adult beverages and challenge your guests to an enticing game of pool or Yahtzee.

Make Space for Productivity

If you’ve always wanted a home office but have never had the space, consider partitioning off a section of your basement to create one. The distance from your main floor can put space between your work and “at-home” distractions and help to increase your productivity.

Don’t just boost your work productivity, though. Designate an area of the basement to workout equipment to serve as motivation to get moving.

A finished basement can serve multiple purposes. Consider creating space in your basement for each of the above, or use the ideas as jumping-off points for your upcoming project.