Choosing Your New Replacement Windows

The exterior of your home is complemented by your windows. When your windows start to show wear and need to be replaced you have some decisions to make. More than just a part of the appearance, your windows also help your home be more energy efficiency and welcoming of natural light. There are many styles of windows that will help achieve the perfect look for a home, and design will play an important role in function. The cost of window replacement will depend on the style, material, and features that you choose

Choosing Your Style

The look that you want for both the interior and exterior of your home is accented by your window choice. You should also choose based on functionality and maintenance.

  1. Single or double-hung. Some of the more common styles of windows, these usually have separate sashes that work through sliding up or down to open and close. Double-hung provides the best choice in air movement throughout the home.
  2. With these window replacement options, large sashes are hinged vertically and swing outward. A lever or mechanism is used for convenient opening.
  3. Hinges on top allow this window to open at a tilt on the bottom. It creates the look of an awning, and are often found in coastal homes or bathrooms.
  4. The most moveable of choices, this window opens from sliding to the side. This is perfect for small spaces where swinging windows wouldn’t be able to open.

The frame material will change according to your window budget and desired longevity, so always check with a professional before attempting window installation on your own. However, consider the many options you have for window replacement before selecting a style based on price.

Measurements Matter

When you replace your windows you will need accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Working with an experienced and licensed professional will ensure the dimensions are correct and the final fit of your new windows is perfect.

Buying new windows for your home is a big decision that will make a big impact on how your home looks and functions. Follow these tips to make the process go smoothly.