Top Reasons to Choose a Detached Garage

Many homeowners value the storage and versatility of having a garage. You can choose to have your garage attached to the home or detached. There are many advantages to using a detached garage over one that is attached.


One important advantage of using a detached garage is for those using the space for something other than parking their vehicle. A workshop in an attached garage is often inconvenient for those in the home. Those loud sounds from running equipment are better suited in a detached building rather than right next to the home.


There are many reasons to have the garage detached from the home, but a key one is to decrease the noise level. Noise extends beyond work equipment. Cars make lots of noise when they park in the garage. For those who are early risers or night owls, using a garage detached from the home can eliminate disturbing family members with the sounds of you coming and going.


Not all homeowners want an attached garage incorporated into their home build design. The space taken up by the garage can be used for additional bedrooms, a media room or home office. The garage can then be built on the property adjacent but not attached to the home. This gives the home more interior space.


Much like building a home, there are tons of designs for garages whether attached or detached. You can choose one that is suitable for storing three vehicles or space for a workshop. Some designs come with storage options or additional space for cabinets. The design you choose depends on how you want to use the garage.

When choosing the design of your home, consider incorporating a detached garage versus an attached one. Evaluate the pros and cons of each style before deciding. Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to use the space.