Improving Home Efficiency Through Windows

Not only does improving your home efficiency save you money, but you are also helping to improve the value of your home. However, you might be more focused on bringing down an electrical bill that seems like it only climbs higher by the month than with how much your home is worth. While there are a lot of ways to increase the efficiency of your home, one of the best areas to start is with your windows. If you look at the options for window replacement, you will find there are many choices that are affordable and effective when it comes to lowering your power bill.

Double Hung Windows

As the most commonly hung windows, they represent almost 85% of the windows used in a home. The sashes tilt for easy cleaning, but both sashes are able to be lowered or risen to help with ventilation. They are also easily exited in case of a fire in the home.

Casement Window

Through the casement window, a resident receives better visibility through the glass, although it still provides the same option for ventilation as does a double hung. With locking mechanisms and more discreet hardware, these windows are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. Casement windows can be opened to a full 90 degrees to make it easier to clean on each side.

Picture Windows

With the best to offer by way of glass viewing areas, these are the perfect choice when the home is situated against a panoramic view. It is the most airtight, and cannot be opened for ventilation or cleaning. If you are needing specific window replacement, picture windows can be manufactured in any size.

Sliding Windows

If you want great views but a window that opens, sliding windows are an option. The sashes can move similar to those of a double hung except some can also slide horizontally in the frame. These can also be lifted or tilted-outward for cleaning.

If you are wanting to remove the draft in your home, replacing your windows might be the first place to start. Call in a professional, as your windows to be correctly measured and installed to be effective.