How Garage Remodeling Creates Unique Useful Living Spaces


When considering the conversion of a utility space to a living area, you might not initially think of garage remodeling. If you’ve only known your garage as a large storage container connected to your house, it may be time to give this home improvement idea consideration. There are many unique ways in which you could transform this space into an inviting and useful room.


Revamping the garage for more space is a smart cost-saving choice rather than adding an addition onto your house, as the walls, foundation and roof are already in existence. Common conversions are to extra bedrooms or guest rooms, with the average sized two-car garage being a great size for both of these uses; however, garage remodeling isn’t just reserved for adding on extra bedrooms. If you’re tired of tripping over toys cluttering the floors throughout your house, consider refashioning it into a playroom. Do you have a collection of exercise equipment in need of a home? The size of even a small garage could be transformed into a home gym.


Changing the garage into a livable space will involve more than throwing some furniture in the room, so it’s important to know what to expect during the remodel. Insulation will most likely need to be added to the walls and to the ceiling, and also possibly underneath the floor. Consideration will need to be made as to the heating and cooling of the room. Sometimes walls can either be torn down to open the space up to the rest of the house, or added to section off various areas. Garages typically lack natural light, so adding windows will be a must. The garage door will need to be replaced with a wall, or a more unique take could include a wall of windows. Ensure that this work is completed both safely and correctly by hiring an experienced licensed professional.


Take inventory of the current state of your garage. Do you have a car, tools or lawn equipment taking up that space? If you can find new homes for these items, it may be time to start thinking about contacting a contractor for garage remodeling.