Different Window Options for Homes

Windows are an essential element of any home. They provide natural light, allow residents to view the world outside the home and increase the value of the home. When looking for a window replacement, there are a few options that are popular for homeowners.


While not the most popular window option, awning windows offer some key benefits over other casement style windows. When it drizzles outside, you can open an awning window to allow in the breeze while maintaining dry inside. These windows tilt upwards creating a unique look to the home.


Casement windows are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens because they open to the right or left rather than up and down. These window replacement options allow the outside breeze in without the bugs. The inside screen protects the interior of the home from unwanted visitors while you enjoy the outside. You can wash dishes without struggling to open a double-hung window. Simply turn the crank and enjoy the breeze filtering through.


The double-hung window remains the most popular window option for homes. These windows slide up and down typically allowing the bottom half of the window to be open. The screen fits onto the exterior usually only on the bottom half. These windows often feature locks on top of the bottom pane to allow you to secure the window when not in use. Some double-hung windows allow you to open the top half when the bottom is down. This can be especially handy when cleaning the windows. These same windows may feature a full screen rather than a half.

These are three of the most popular options for window replacement for homeowners. Each one has pros and cons along with creating a different look to the home. Most are made from wood with an exterior of vinyl or aluminum. Accessorize these windows with shades, blinds and shutters to create a customized look and improve security.